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Daryush Shokof

Daryush Shokof

He was born as Ali Reza Shokoufandeh on June 25, 1954 in Tehran, Iran. Shokof graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a degree in Physics and Mathematics. Shokof received an MBA from University of Dallas in Texas. He also studied art and film at New York University.

Shokof first exhibited his artwork in gallery Maerz in Germany in 1984 and has exhibited in Germany, Italy and USA.

Shokof made his first movie, a short experimental film called Angels are Wired, in 1991. Since then he has made over 25 short and feature-length films and has written over 50 film scripts, some of which he made into movies himself.


1985 – Shokof exhibited his first one man show titled “The Anthena” at the Gallery Maerz in Cologne, Germany.
1989 – Shokof started first Balance Series of artworks “Sculptures and Paintings”. The exhibition of these series was first in a group show at the Gallery Verlato, Bologna, Italy in 1986, and then in Cologne , Germany in 1990.
1990 – Shokof founded the movement “Maximalism” in reference to the arts and presented the maximalist arts alongside other artists in a group show at Gallery Schulze under the title “The Maximalists”.
1990 – Shokof exhibited his first one man show under Maximalism in Galleria Verlato , in Milan, Italy.
1990 – Shokof exhibited his Maximalist artworks in Bologna, Italy.
1991 – Shokof had his first one4 man show under Maximalism at Gallery Schulze in Cologne, Germany.

1992 – Group show of the Maximalists at the Gallery Bess Cutler, in New York.
1992 – Group show of the Maximalists at the Gallery Bess Cutler in Los Angeles.

1993 – Shokof makes video installation in form of his balance artworks where two screens hang in the air and with films run in both separate screens simultaneously, relate and or in time the screens move towards each other.
This short video installation was titled “Angels are wired” and travelled some museums including Bonn Museum of Modern Art in 1992.

1994 – Shokof made the video “Docu-Fiction” “feature” film titled; Dogs Are Not Allowed. The film was based on a simple question: Why Are we Here?
And to shoot the film he traveled to more than 7 countries to ask differenet people the same question.

1994 – Shokof made his video film “Feature” under the title Ben Hur , The Breathless Taxi Driver in Casablanca In New York city.

1995 – Shokof made his first feature film “Seven Servants” on super 35 mm. in Germany. The film featured Anthony Quinn in his last Lead role and brought Shokof world recognition as an original filmmaker. The film travelled over 10 major film festivals worldwide.

1997 – He shot the feature movie Magass in Berlin, Germany.

1998 – Shokof painted the façade of the building in Berlin , Germany with Taies Farzan, Reichenberger Strasse, 96, Berlin Kreuzberg.

2000 – Shokof shot the experimental feature film Tenussian Vacuvasco as a homage to his most favorite movie director Alfred Hitchcock.
2003 –  Retrospective of his artworks were shown in Koenigliche Historische Building in Kreuzberg, Berlin Germany through Gallery 360 Grad.
2004 – Shokof made the video feature film “She Would….” In Berlin, Germany.
2004 – Shokof made the experimental feature film Venussian Tabutasco where the complete film is shot showing a glass elevator going up and down a building presenting the tenants of the building and their stories. The film was screened at the Asian Pacific Film Festival, Berlin, Germany.

2006 – Shokof shot the feature film A2Z with Jack Taylor and introducing Narges Rashidi in Berlin, Germany. The film won best film and best Breakthrough actress awards at NYIFVF in Los Angeles.
2007 – Shokof made the feature film ASUDEM “genre Horror” in black and white in Berlin, Germany with Yangzom Brauen in the lead role. The film won the best horror, Best Director for Shokof at NYIFVF in 2007.

2007 – Shokof shot the entirely female comedy feature “Breathful” in Berlin, Germany. He dedicated the film to the women rights worldwide and most specifically in Iran.

2007 – Shokof made the short film smoqing in Cologne, Germany introducing Melinda Cohen. The film was screened at Iranian film Festival in new York.
2008 – Shokof shot he short film “Epicalypse Now” in Cologne, Germany.

2009 – Shokof shot the film “Iran Zendan” portraying the horrors of the treatments political prisoners get under the Iran Regime.

2009 – Shokof shot the Anti Iran Regime feature film “Hitler,s Grave” in Berlin, Germany . The film Featured Taies Farzan in the lead role with Vadim Glowna as support role in the film. It won best film, best director and best actress award at NYIFVFF in Los Angeles and was pitched for the Oscars in 2010.

2012 – Shokof shot the horror surreal feature film “Strange Stranger” in Babelsberg, Germany.
2012 – Shokof shot the Comedy film “all inside both women and men Toilets” in Berlin, Germany.
2012 – Shokof shot the film “Wordlessness” in Berlin, Germany.
2015 – Shokof created his first artwork under Hypnosis in Uslar, Germany.
2016 – Shokof made his artwork 13 Commandments out of 13 stones each 160 cm tall, 30 cm thick and 100 cm wide weighing a ton each.

2016 – Shokof recorded 9 Songs with Magic Cube in Uslar Germany.

2018 – Shokof presents the historic artwork (Art4+) for a record auction start price of 4 Billion US Dollars. This conceptual artwork would be coined as the most valuable art piece in the history with a legitimate value estimation of 4 billion US Dollars for it consists of 4 seesaws with One Billion US Dollars in cash placed on each sides of the 4 seesaws hence validifying the real worth of the artwork at a minimum of 4 billion US Dollars.